Writing for websites

Writing for websites

As a Copywriter, I get asked a lot about writing for websites. Mostly people want to know how much it costs. But I also get asked a lot about why I consider myself the right person to write their website content.

The first of these two questions is boring. To me it is anyway. Without trying to sound like one of those wanky, wannabe-creatives-types (which I’m pretty sure I am) writing for me isn’t about the money.

True, if people didn’t pay me to write for them, I wouldn’t do it for anyone but me. But I don’t write to pay the bills. I write because I’d rather pay my bills doing what I love than by doing what I used to do (don’t ask).

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get to the more interesting question.

Why do I consider myself the right person to be writing for websites?

Well, the answer is, I don’t. Not everyone’s websites anyway. Like all good Copywriters, I specialise. My niche is small business. Specifically businesses with under 20 employees. I’ll get to why in a minute. But before I do…

Why be a niche Copywriter?

I’ve lost track of how many people have suggested that by specialising in copy for small business, I’m restricting my potential market. It’s worth noting though, that none of these people are Copywriters.

The thing is, I can’t really see how a Copywriter couldn’t specialise. How can a Copywriter or a client expect that someone who has no knowledge in the field can adequately write about it?

When the time comes for you to choose a Copywriter, create your shortlist by checking out their niches. If they don’t have a niche, disregard them completely. Once you have a shortlist of copywriters who specialise in your field, then check out some of their handiwork. When you read something you really like, read some more copy by that writer.

If you’ve now found one you’re pretty enticed by, contact them and direct them to the copy of theirs that you liked. Tell them that it’s a good example of what you’re after. As long as they’re not a douche-bag, you should be pretty close to forming a relationship with a writer who is going to look after you for years to come. Most importantly, they’ll look after you in the way you want to be looked after.

But back to me (this is my blog after all).

So why specialise in small business copy? Isn’t that too broad? Consequently going against everything I said above?

Fair enough question. But there’s a good reason I get away with a broad niche. I love learning about other peoples businesses. Talking with them,  or researching their company, or their industry, these are things about my job that I absolutely love. More importantly, I’m REALLY good at it.

Combined with my background in small business (I spent almost a decade starting, growing, and selling small businesses) I’m the right man for the job. I understand the pain, struggle, joy, and day-to-day adventure that is small business.

So…writing for websites? Hopefully I’ve given you some useful information to help you choose the right Copywriter for you.

If you want to ask me any more, drop me a line here.

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