I’ve heard it said that the content on a website is not important as long as it has strong SEO properties. As someone who writes powerful SEO content, and non-SEO content, I can take an impartial view on this and believe me, well-written copy is VERY important. 

“But don’t I just need strong SEO to get people to my site”

Sure. If you only want people looking at your site. But is that really all you want? Or do you want your website to instigate some kind of action from them? Perhaps you’re trying to sell something? Or sway someone’s view on something? 

If people only come to your site, then leave and take no action, what is the purpose of your site? No, seriously, I’m curious.

“I’m a good writer though. Can’t I just write my own copy?”

Potentially you could. If you have a background in sales, and you’re proficient with the written word, you may well be able to write effective copy for your website. 

Just don’t forget about the SEO. As much as I’ve written here that SEO isn’t the only consideration, it’s still an extremely important one. If you’re not an expert at writing SEO content, you’ll need some assistance in this area (the most beautifully written copy in the world is useless if no-one can find it). 

“It’s OK, my web developer said they’ll write the content.”

Danger! Danger!

Web Developers craft some amazing websites. I’m constantly in awe of what a true web professional can create (check out the incredible work from the team at Bold Web Design). But unless they have a professional Copywriter on staff, you might find that the person writing your copy is trained and experienced in design and functionality, but not the expert you need to write well-written copy for you.

When it comes time to organise the copy for your website (which, by the way, is the same time you approach your Web Developer), reach out to a few copywriters. Find one who has some experience in writing for your industry. Then, ask to see some examples of their work. If you like what you see, then have the discussion around pricing. 

The Right Copywriter, combined with an exceptional Web Developer, will ensure your website has the desired effect on your target market.




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