What do Copywriters do? What can they do for you?

What do Copywriters do? What can they do for you?

Often people ask me “What do Copywriters do?” So, first up, as a Copywriter, I have nothing to do with the protection of intellectual property or the like under the law. That’s copyright law, and I’m of no use to anyone in that regard.

So what do Copywriters do?

I write stuff. That’s what a Copywriter does.

Mainly, for me, I write website content and blogs for businesses. I also write a lot of marketing content for real estate and property development.

But I can also write articles, press releases, brochures…pretty much any marketing content. I assist with the branding and marketing of a business to help it establish itself in the marketplace. I also write content for them that helps them sell their products and services.

Many Copywriters also dabble in the really business-ey stuff like writing business plans or research papers, but that’s not for me. I’m definitely more of a marketing kind of guy. If you want your business promoted, or it’s image improved, or maybe you have a product or service to sell, I’m your guy.

What about blogs?

Blogs have fast become a pain for businesses. Astute businesspeople understand the importance of publishing a regular blog, but few of them enjoy writing it. I find this weird because I love writing them. Whether it’s my blog here, or a weekly blog for a business completely unrelated to mine, I really do enjoy pumping out 300+ words of SEO powerful content to attract customers and sales.

Website Content

Website content is my bread and butter. When a business has a website built or updated, they need content. GOOD content. That’s how I make my living mostly. And with businesses needing to update their website every three to five years, I have a steady stream of work that puts food on the table for my family each month (we eat more regularly than that though).

If you think you may have a need or a Copywriter (and every business does) feel free to get in touch with me and we can chat about what’s right for you.

To discuss anything copywriting related, drop Doug a line here.

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