Web Content - When To Refresh? Let Me help You There.

Web Content - When To Refresh? Let Me help You There.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that once their web content is written, it’s done for good. Whether written by themselves or a professional Copywriter, they assume that it only needs to be done once. Maybe they understand that it might need minor updating every now and then. But on the whole, they consider it one less thing on their ‘to-do’ list.

Incoming – Bad News

The bad news for these people is that they are wrong. Dead wrong.

Sorry. But it’s true.

There are many reasons to refresh your content regularly. Some of these are obvious. Such as updates to staff profiles or product ranges. Perhaps the business has relocated. Or maybe you’re having a sale. But these are all related to updates. We need to talk about refreshing your content as well.

Google Loves You.

Well, Google will love you, if you have fresh content. There are many (MANY) other things Google wants to see as well. But this blog is about web content so let’s stick with that for now.

Fresh content keeps Google happy. And when Google is happy, it ranks you higher in its search results when people search for words that match your keywords and phrases. We can get into keywords and phrases later, but if you want some advice on this, drop me a line here.

Web Content – For Humans, or Bots?

The answer is, both. If you ever want to be found on Google, you need content that the little Google-bots will like. And they like content that is refreshed regularly.

But you also need web content that humans will like and be engaged by. Writing strong SEO content that pleases Google-bots and humans is not easy. In most cases, you’re going to want a professional writer who is experienced in writing SEO-friendly content.

So, how often?

The base rule is, every three to five years.

You might notice that larger organisations are refreshing their web content all the time. That’s because…

A) They understand the importance of fresh web content.
B) They can afford to.

More accurately, they can’t afford not to. They rely on their excellent Google ranking, and the expense they would incur by dropping down the list massively outweighs the cost of having a professional copywriter regularly updating their site.

If you’d like to know more about web content, or anything related to copywriting, get in touch with me here.

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