For most people, writing a weekly blog is a pain in the proverbial. Many try, only to find that after a few short weeks, the task gets itself assigned to the too-hard-basket. Unless you write for a living, writing a weekly blog can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and demoralising annoyance that will most likely be given up on, very early in.

But I’m here to change that. Or at least help. Or at the very least, share some knowledge.


Okay, so that headline’s a little misleading. I can’t say I’m going to make blog writing a fun and joyous experience that you look forward to every week. What I can say though, is that I have some tips and advice that might ease the pain a bit.


One of the best tips I can give you when it comes to writing blogs is to come up with a good topic. It needs to be relevant to your business, but it also needs to be engaging. If your target audience isn’t interested in the topic your writing about, they’re not going to read it. Sounds logical enough, but I never cease to be amazed by how many blogs I see that are just not interesting at all to the person they’re intended for.

My best tip for picking a good topic – Think about the questions you get asked about your products or services most frequently. Perhaps you have an FAQ section on your website? Just pick one of those and expand on it. If they truly are questions that you’re frequently asked about, then your target market is interested in knowing the answer.


This is about to start sounding a whole heap Tony Robbins, but frankly, just get started. Seriously, don’t let procrastination set in for a second. Don’t reschedule your blog writing time. Don’t put it off. Just start.

For many people (me for example) once you get started it starts to flow. Then it flows faster, and faster. So if you get to the end of writing the blog and you read the start and decide it’s terrible and you want to change it, that’s fine. At least it got you started, which then enabled you to finish. Editing after the fact is not a crime.


Before I explain tip number three. Let’s talk about creatives. In particular, Writers.

Writers and creatives are commonly thought of as undisciplined. The idea is that the confines of structure and conformity only stifle creativity. As someone who writes for a living though, I call bullshit on this one.

For fiction writers, sure. I can see how theirs is a task that requires flexibility and freedom. But as someone who writes professionally for himself and others, one of my most valuable traits is that I’m disciplined.

I write blogs for my clients at the same time each week. They’re scheduled on my calendar, and I rarely change that schedule. I tick them off when they’re done, then move on to the next one. Always in the same order.

Discipline as a blog-writer is essential in my opinion. But discipline can also be learned. And let’s be frank here, it’s only about being determined enough to sit down and start typing. We’re not talking about joining the army here.


Some of you will have seen this coming, and it’s slightly cliché. But for your own sake, just outsource it.

There’s a wise business philosophy that says “Pick the three things you do best, and outsource the rest”.

Unless writing a weekly blog is one of the three things you do best in your business, outsource it to a Copywriter (me preferably).

I’ve got plenty more tips too. If you’d like to discuss them with me, just contact me HERE.


Or if you want to cut straight to the chase, get in touch and we can talk about me writing your weekly blogs for you.

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