Press Releases

Press Releases

So you’ve decided to utilise the media for your own gain. Good for you. You need to be careful though. The media are experts at spinning what they want out of information. If what you give them isn’t what they consider will make the best story, you can guarantee they’ll find a way to “interpret” it to best suit their goals. So you need to have it perfectly written. Expertly written, as the case would be.

If you have an expert media copywriter on staff, you’re all set. If not, you need to speak with Doug. It’s just not worth the risk to release anything to the media that isn’t exceptionally crafted. Whether you’re announcing an event, releasing a product or service, or maybe even diffusing a situation, Doug’s the guy who can help you manipulate the media, rather than the other way round.

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Don’t mess with the press.  Let Doug do it for you.

Don’t let the press get the best of you or your business.