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Blog Content

By now you’re probably familiar with the importance of blogging for your business. The increase in Google search results, and brand awareness, can be the difference between being the leader in your field, or being left well behind. And it’s tough. Knowing what to write about, coming up with new topics, the actual writing, knowing how to construct copy that will engage the reader, getting your blog read, finding the time to write it…these are all absolutely critical elements. And if any of them aren’t managed correctly, the whole process becomes redundant.

So unless you’ve got time to do it, the passion to do it, and the passion to be constantly educating yourself on the subject matter, blogging could well become another one of those annoying chores of daily business. Luckily, Doug has got the time, he is passionate about writing, and he loves learning. Plus he knows how to write copy that the people you want to reach will want to read, and write it in a way that it will find its way in front of them.

Doug Phillips - Email Marketing


If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling with your blog posts,
don’t do it alone.