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The State Theatre Company of South Australia
The Space
Until 05 Aug 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

Duncan Graham’s adaptation of this 130-year-old play by August Strindberg is intense. That intensity doesn’t let up either. Not for the whole show. Sure, there are some humorous moments – but they’re certainly not comic relief moments. There’s no relief at all.

I mean all that in the best possible way. From the moment the lights went up on Ailsa Paterson’s well designed and crafted set, Matt Crook and Peter Kowitz are right into it. Playing Adolph and Gustav respectively, their characters are completely believable. Especially Kowitz who has the viewer loving him before becoming equally unlovable.

Caroline Craig as Tekla is the most impressive of the trio though. She’s the victim and the perpetrator, but also neither at the same time. Craig’s performance is brilliant to watch. As she toys with and is toyed with, it’s impossible to work out if she is the hero or the villain.

David Mealor’s direction is hard to fault. With such impressive performances from all three actors, this play hits its straps early, plays a very strong game, and finishes with strength.

So honed were the performances that even the one line that could’ve been fluffed was covered with such skill that I’m not even sure if it was actually fluffed or not.

“Creditors” pulls no punches. I was completely captivated, and enthralled, but it wasn’t until the next day I realised that I actually enjoyed it too. The feeling upon leaving the theatre is not one of joy or fulfilment, but one of agitation. However, it hit every mark. An exceptional show.

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