REGULAR BLOG WRITING - Do you need it?

REGULAR BLOG WRITING - Do you need it?

Humour me here. Put your hand up if you want more business or a better class of customer. Now put your hand down if your business utilises regular blog writing. If you still have your hand up, I think you’ve probably guessed by now where I’m headed with this.

Most businesspeople are familiar with the concept of using blogs to generate more business. When undertaken effectively, blogs can expose your business and products/services to your target market and  entice them to buy. But occasionally I come across people who say they’ve got enough business.

When they say that, I ask them who their least favourite client is. Whatever the answer, I then discuss with them the idea of replacing the customers you don’t like with more of the customers you do. It’s a foreign concept for some, but for more and more business owners these days, the idea of “firing” the customers you don’t want is an attractive proposition. But, most people can’t just drop customers. They need to replace them too.

Blogs can be an intimate interaction with potential customers. As they read the blog, it’s just them and the writing. This is powerful. How much would you pay to be able to have unlimited intimate conversations with your target market?

And if you’re not convinced yet, please understand this…

“You’re competition is using blogs to attract their ideal clients. Including yours.”

It’s called competition for a reason. You need to compete. And if your opponent has better weapons than you, you need to upgrade. If you were at war, armed with a knife, and the enemy attacked you with tank, would you stay and fight, or start looking for a tank of your own.

If you’d like to know more about what regular blog writing can do for your business, drop me a line here.

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