I’m going to stray slightly from the topic of copywriting this week and instead write about an exciting opportunity coming up for all those in business. If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, or a boost in your own professional and personal performance, you’ll want to read more about the N$C below.

The N$C (National $ales Conference) is on again at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in May. And if you’ve been before, I’d suspect you already have your ticket for this year’s event. If you haven’t attended previously, you missed out on an extraordinary two-day event that every business operator should be involved with.

The good news is, there are still tickets available for this year. I wouldn’t expect them to last long though, so now’s the time to strike. It’s no coincidence that all the VIP tickets are sold out. Previous attendees would have snapped these up early. But there are still some great Premium and General Admission tickets left (scroll down the bottom of this web page).

Sceptics, listen up…

I’ve never been a fan of professional or personal development events. I usually find them patronising, disingenuous, or too salesy. Not with the N$C though. I was converted by mid-morning on the first day last year.

The value in this event is immense. My experience after last years event was one of re-invigoration and energy, and I found myself with all these useful new behavioural tools that allowed me to have the best year in business I’ve ever had. I’ve been a better husband and father, and my happiness and satisfaction levels have peaked at new heights.

Bram Lagou is the driving force behind the N$C, and his clear and authentic sincerity sets him miles apart from most other presenters in this environment. But more so than that, he assembles a list of speakers who share his commitment to authenticity and spirit of true helpfulness.

Last year we were treated to presentations from Dr. John Demartini (of “The Secret” fame), as well as Australia’s #1 Business Coach, Daniel Tolson, and “The Man Who Changed His Brain”, Ray Behan. Bram himself also presented, and if you haven’t witnessed what Mr Lagrou has to say, don’t miss out this year.

Tolson and Behan are back for 2019, as is Bram himself of course.

Daniel Tolson

Daniel’s mission is to “To show business people how to make more money in less time!”. He specialises in Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Planning and has consulted with hundreds of clients to help them quickly add more than $100,000,000 of revenues to their bottom line in the last 5 years alone 

Ray Behan

Behan has transacted over $130million in property acquisitions and property options. He has written books and facilitates workshops on the subject of property as a wealth tool. He’s very active in the promotion of and practical application of, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, biology and is a writer and speaker on quantum, human consciousness and the ‘egoic & biological self’.

Bram Lagrou

Bram moved to Australia in 2010. Prior to that, he was the Business Leader and International Trainer at Watkins Mfg Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company. His experience spans across 25 countries where he has mentored numerous teams to increase revenue and profit margins. Clients include entrepreneurial SMEs, Top 100 Companies in SA, Top 200 Private Enterprises in Australia, and large multinationals. 

Added to the bill this year are Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood. Award-winning entrepreneurs from the Gold Coast, their SWISH ethical sales training platform is helping more and more customers around the globe every day.

Antonella Traino will also be presenting. Antonella has spoken to sold-out venues throughout WA, VIC and SA. Her inspiring story of overcoming a severe terminal diagnosis is “Dying to Live”.

I don’t know much about Corbett, Tuckwood, or Traino, but if they’re anywhere near the calibre of last years speakers, I’m sure we’re in for some quality, valuable presentations.

N$C for BNI Members.

More good news if you’re a member of BNI (Business Network International). As a Gold Sponsor of the N$C, BNI members can secure a General Admission ticket at $200 off the standard price in March. So the best two developmental days you’ll have this year are only going to cost you $209.50 per day.

Bram Lagrou’s Inner Circle Discount.

If you’ve signed up as a member of Bram Lagrou’s Inner Circle, you too can enjoy $200 off the General Admission ticket price. But it’s only for March, so you’ll have to hurry to take advantage of Bram’s special offer.

If you’d like to hear more about the N$C from someone who’s been there and is returning, contact me here. I’m happy to share with you the awesome results I experienced.

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