So by now, you’re most likely familiar with blogs and their importance. If not, here’s a quick catch-up.

Publishing a weekly blog on your website, if written correctly, increases your visibility in Google searches, and allows you to promote yourself, your services, or your product. A weekly blog can let you place yourself as an expert in your field, increasing your visibility and credibility.

But it has to be written well. If it’s written well it will be shared and go ‘viral’. This is where you really get the traction and exposure.

Are you confident that you can write weekly blogs that are engaging and informative? If so, great!

And do you have the time each week to do so? If you do, fantastic.

If however you answered no to either of the preceding two questions, you’d benefit from the services of a professional Copywriter.

A ‘good’ Copywriter can put together a weekly blog for you on topics relevant to your business or organisation.

A ’great’ Copywriter however, will research your chosen topic, perhaps even by interviewing you or your staff, and will then write a blog designed specifically for the kind of people you are trying to attract to your website.

Whichever path you take, from doing it yourself, to hiring the best you can find, the main thing is to get it happening. Your competitors are doing this, so you need to be doing it too. Importantly, you need to be doing it better than them. But the main point is just to get started.

Happy blogging.

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