Exclusive Copywriter - Are you sharing the love?

Exclusive Copywriter - Are you sharing the love?

Copywriters are a strange breed. For a start, copywriting is never anyone’s first career choice. No-one ever leaves High School thinking “Awesome! Now I can begin my career as a Copywriter.” That’s not to say it’s a second-rate career choice, it’s just not what Copywriters initially saw themselves doing before they became Copywriters.

Who becomes a Copywriter anyway?

Some start out as Journalists, or in marketing. Others come to copywriting as a part-time job. It’s quite common for Mum’s to start working from home as a Copywriter after the birth of their first child. For others, it’s often the combination of a hatred for their job and a love of writing that leads to a career change.

With so many copywriters from so many different backgrounds, it’s inevitable that specialising would become part of the industry. An ex-Nurse would do well to specialise in medical content. A marketing expert can niche in sales content. Writers with specific backgrounds can more easily relate to their clients, allowing them to write more specifically for their clients’ clients.

Is niche copywriting the way to go though?

That’s a matter of opinion. Think about it this way…

Say you come to me and ask me to write a weekly blog for your plumbing business. That’s easy. I know I can do that for you with no fuss. I know it’ll be easy for me because I currently write a weekly blog for another Plumber.

But surely that begs the question… Who’s going to get my best work? You, or the Plumber who’s been using my services for years now? When I come up with some excellent content for a plumbing blog, which Plumber will get it, and which one will get the second-rate leftovers?

Introducing the Exclusive Copywriter.

To my knowledge. I’m the only Copywriter offering exclusivity to his clients. When you contract my blog writing services, it bars me from writing blogs for any of your competitors. So you know you have a professional Writer who reserves all his best ideas, skills, and writing just for you. Kind of anyway.

I still write for other customers, but not if they have the same profession as you. Not only are you guaranteed to get my best work, but you also lock out your competitors from being able to access my talents. I’m your Exclusive Copywriter for your profession.

If you’d like to hear more about the benefits of having me as your Exclusive Copywriter, get in touch with me here for a chat.


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