I’m looking to attract more clients who work in the Entertainment Industry. Recently I wrote some copy for a promotional company who manage the touring for some big name acts around Australia. They’ve started a new venture in a related field, and they asked me to write all the copy for their new website, their FAQ’s, and their sales letter.

As with all my clients, they were entitled to two rounds of revisions on all the copy I wrote for them. This means that when I gave them the copy, if they wanted any changes made they could have them. All included in the original price. And if they wanted a second round of changes, they get that too.

But this particular client wanted no changes at all. They loved everything I wrote for them, and couldn’t pick any faults. The process of writing for them was ridiculously easy at my end too. This client and I just really gelled, which made everything smooth and efficient, for everyone.

Now, the reason for all this is that I have a background in entertainment myself. So I understand the challenges of their industry and the obstacles they come up against. I also understand their desires and needs, way better than any other Copywriter who doesn’t have a background in entertainment.

So I think I’ve found my niche.

If you or anyone you know work in any part of the entertainment industry, I’d love to have a chat. Performers, production crew, managers, agents, publicists…whatever. I’m keen to show you why I’m the right Copywriter for you.

Drop me a line here, or give me a call on 0415 585 553

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