Doug's Top 3 Blog Tips - Part III

Doug's Top 3 Blog Tips - Part III

So, I’d like to think that you’re reading this because you read the first two instalments of “Doug’s Top 3 Blog Tips”, and you’re now dying to hear the conclusion. If that’s not true, please don’t burst my bubble. Here’s the links to the first two instalments, just in case though.

Part I

Part II

Part I was about providing the reader with value. Part II was about solving their problem. Now, Part III is about getting what YOU want.

To get what you want, I believe in a simple principle…

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” (Thanks Dad).

You should be asking for the business. Whether it’s a product sale, or a service, or whatever. If you want your blog reader to part with money in exchange for it, whatever it is, ask them.

It’s a sales challenge as old as sales itself. People are often reluctant to straight out ask for the sale. They feel that the product/service should sell itself and that the value should be so obvious that the customer chooses to buy by themselves.

But some people need to be prompted to buy. There’ll always be those people who know what they want and who go and get it. But most people need to be prompted.

You can educate them on all the features and benefits of your product or service, share your knowledge, solve their problems, and make the buying decision not only easy but logical too, but if you don’t ask for the business you’re wasting your time.

And if you’ve gone to all this effort to convince them that their decision to buy is the right choice, why wouldn’t you then ask them to buy?

So don’t hesitate. Don’t be shy, or cautious. You know what you’re offering is of value, so there’s nothing wrong with asking your target client to purchase it.

That’s it! That’s Part III of “Doug’s Top 3 Blog Tips”I hope you got some value out of my advice.

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