When I tell people what I do, the first thing they think of is copyright law and the protection of intellectual property. In the process of steering their thinking away from that, I explain to them that I write copy and that copywriting is marketing.

When I write copy for a client, it’s nearly always to sell something for them. Whether that’s a product or a service depends on the client. Regardless, the copy I write for them is designed to entice the reader (target market) to take some kind of action. Usually that action is to purchase, but sometimes it’s to join a mailing list, or head somewhere else for more information.

My one-sentence description of my work goes like this…

“I manipulate the buying public for my clients benefit, by convincing them to purchase products or services.”

I said this to a marketing executive once and his response was one of shock. He asked me “Do you really tell people you’re a manipulator?

I said “Damn straight I do. That’s the reason they come to me isn’t it?

I feel no shame in stating that I manipulate the buying public. All good marketing does. If I wasn’t able to manipulate people into parting with their money in exchange for something, why would people pay me to write their sales copy?

Copywriting is marketing…

If you have a business that doesn’t rely on marketing, that’s great! But for most, a strategic marketing plan is essential to staying afloat, let alone posting a profit.

And an important part of that marketing plan is the copy. Poor copy makes you look second rate, and no-one wants to go with the second-rate option.

If you want your marketing to make you look awesome, and make people buy, speak to a copywriter. And on that note, you can contact me here.

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