You’ve most probably heard the expression, “Content is king”. Have you ever stopped to consider why though? What is it about quality content that is so important? Well, there’s a few answers to that. To sum it up in two main points though…

  1. Your potential clients aren’t going to waste their time on crap.
  2. Quality content puts you in front of your competition when your clients are deciding who to go with.

That’s all you need to know really. But, if you’d like to know more about why Content is king…

These days your clients are using Google at unprecedented levels to find products and services. So all smart businesses are ensuring their online presence is of high quality and impressive. If your content is of a poor standard, they will quickly leave your site and go to your competitors.

So you need to know what you’re writing about, and you need to write in a way that the reader is going to feel engaged. They also need to feel like they’re getting some value from reading it. If you can amuse them as well, then you’ve hit the trifecta. If you feel you can nail all three of these points, you’re almost there. But now you need to consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Here we go with the SEO stuff again…

Whether you like it or not, you need to ensure your content is SEO powerful. The fact is, your competitors are producing SEO powerful, high-quality content. And thanks to the way Google ranks websites, you need to be pumping out similar content if you ever want people to find your business using Google.

In 1996 when Bill Gates first wrote “Content is King”, he was prophecising on the future online world. But the future is now, and it can be dangerously easy to be left behind. If you’d like some more tips and advice on quality content for your business, get in touch with me HERE.

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