If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “How do I choose a Copywriter?”, then congratulations. Many people never ask themselves this. Which is crazy. I mean, why would you expect that the first Copywriter you contact is going to have the experience and knowledge to write well on your particular topic.

A good Copywriter will specialise, and niche Copywriters are essential, as they usually have a background in their niche.

What’s a Niche Copywriter?

A Niche Copywriter is usually someone who has an experienced background in a certain occupation, who then turns their hand to writing as a profession. A common example is Nurses who leave the nursing profession to become medical copywriters, writing articles for medical journals and the like.

And it makes sense, right!? If a Doctor was looking for someone to write an article using his research, would he choose a Copywriter who is an ex-Nurse, or one who’s an ex-Accountant? It’s just good sense.

So how do I choose a Copywriter that’s right for me?

Well, that’s a bit trickier. I’m afraid there’s no silver bullet. But, although the search can be involved, finding the right Copywriter can save you much grief in the long-run.

If you can find a Copywriter who is experienced in your topic, and is a great writer, then hold on to them and remunerate them handsomely.

You’ll need to get your Google skills going? Do a search on “Copywriter” and the name of your topic/subject/profession. Forget the location, there’s plenty of great niche copywriters around the world who can be a good fit for you.

So what’s your niche Doug?

I’m so glad you asked. My background is small business. After a decade at the helm of my own small businesses, and many years prior working in other peoples’, small business is what I know and love. I understand the challenges, desires, goals, pain, and mentality of small business people and their businesses.

So if you’re a small business, contact me today. You’re either in need of some copywriting services, or you will be soon. Either way, now’s a great time to start a conversation and find out if I’m the right Copywriter to help your small business achieve the success you deserve,

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