When I meet with a client to discuss the content for their new website, I always ask them what their intentions are for blogging. Business blogs are a must these days, and without them, you’re sending the wrong message to your target market.

If you’re not convinced of that, let me ask you this…

Why are your competitors writing business blogs?

There are many reasons your competitors are blogging, and they may not even know the reason themselves. But smart business people know that if their competitors are exposing themselves in a favourable light to the mutual target market, they need to be blogging too.

Business blogs allow each organisation to present themselves to their target market exactly the way they want to be. They come across as authorities on their chosen topics, and leaders in their field.

What happens if you stop your business blogs?

Picture this… You’re looking to purchase a product. You find two websites for two different companies that both sell a product that meets your needs. One of them has a related blog that was posted 6 days ago, and the other has a related blog that was posted 3 months ago.

Who is more likely to get your business?

Why should you keep Google in mind?

Well written business blogs that have strong SEO properties will help you appear higher up on Google when people are searching for the kinds of products or services you sell. If you’re not on page one of Google, and your competition is…well…you know the rest.

Persist. You can’t afford not to.

It will get easier, I promise. And the benefits massively outweigh the challenges. Likewise, the negative effects of stopping can be crushing.

Now, if you’re really struggling, outsource it. There are many copywriters out there who can write regular business blogs for you. The best of these can take a topic suggested by you and turn it into a powerful selling tool that works for your business, with no fuss to you.

If you want any advice on writing business bogs, or you’d like to talk about me writing for you, drop me a line here.

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