Last night I joined a crowd of business owners for Passion Turning Profit, hosted by Bram Lagrou at the Adelaide Convention Centre. If you’re not familiar with Bram’s work, allow me to enlighten you.

Bram is often billed as a Sales Trainer. But as an attendee of his events, it’s clear to me that Bram is much more. I think the thing that stands out most when describing Bram Lagrou is that he is genuine. I can’t state that enough. It’s obvious that he doesn’t just do what he does because he absolutely loves it. He does it because he genuinely cares about the people he works with and their success.

If it sounds like I’m a bit of a Bram Lagrou fan, there’s a good reason for that.

Passion Turning Profit is the second of Bram’s events I’ve been to. The first being his National $ales Conference earlier this year. The quality of the speakers at that event was staggering. Including Dr. John Demartini, Cham Tang, and Ray Behan.

One of the most common phrases I heard from people at the end of that event was “life-changing“. That might sound like a bit of stretch for a sales conference, but it truly was an exceptional experience.

So what makes Bram so special?

I’ve already mentioned his genuineness, and that’s really the point here. For his particular profession, genuineness is way too rare.

Commonly at these events, the audience is given enough value to make them feel like the experience was worthwhile. This warms them up for the inevitable sales pitch at the end. But it’s usually at that point that I find myself thinking “Yeah, you had some great content there mate, but you come across as a Snake-Oil-Salesman to me, so I ain’t buying”.

With Bram, there’s no feeling like that at all. His audience can see that he’s genuine (there’s that word again). They can see that his desire to help his clients is genuine, and they can see that his products can genuinely help them. It’s an odd feeling for someone who’s been to plenty of these kinds of events to be thinking all of a sudden “I definitely do want this guy to sell me his product and work with me”.

So is he the real deal then?


And in a market chock full of tricksters and cons, how refreshing it is to see such a passionate, talented, and downright nice guy, offering quality assistance to those who dare to dream of great things.

If you’re after help with your business, I highly recommend you contact Bram today to see what it is he can do for you.

If you’d like to hear more about my experience at Bram’s events, you can contact me here.

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