There’s a common misconception out there that only larger companies need to be blogging regularly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I can’t even begin to explain just how damaging this thinking can be for a small business. Blogs for small business are critical.

The facts are…

  • All businesses need to be blogging regularly (minimum weekly)
  • The smaller the business, the more important blogging is.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look into why.

Without going into too much painful detail, if you’re not blogging regularly, you have to work MUCH harder in every other area that Google finds relevant for ranking your business.

Basically put, blogging increases your Google ranking.

Now, if you’re not convinced that your Google ranking is a critical piece of the business-success puzzle, that’s a whole other conversation we can have another time. Contact me and I’ll share with you what I know.

So, where to start?

If you’ve got someone on staff with good literacy skills, you could probably have a crack at writing blogs straight away.

Obviously I’m biased, but I recommend looking to an external Copywriter to write your blogs. Don’t hire just anyone though, make sure they specialise in your field. All good copywriters specialise. Any who don’t, probably aren’t good Copywriters.

For example, a Nurse who has left the profession to become a Copywriter would most likely specialise in medical Copywriting. This is a great Copywriter to be writing for medical journals or research reports.

Likewise, I’m a small business specialist. After a decade of starting, growing, and selling small businesses, I understand small business much better than most.

If you would like any information at all on blogs for small business, get in touch with me and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you. It may be that I can give you enough info to set you on the path of easily writing your own successful and valuable blogs.


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