Have you ever considered blogs as business weapons?

Picture this. Your website looks exactly the way it does right now. Maybe it’s awesome, maybe it needs an update. I don’t know. Either way, I want you to think about your blogs.

Let’s say your last blog post was 3 months ago.

Now picture a potential client checking out your website. They get to your blog section and notice that it hasn’t been updated for 3 months.

That potential client now goes to your competitor’s website. In your competitor’s blog section they find a blog that was written last week. They also find blogs written every week for the past few months.

Immediately they’re making a subconscious judgement on who operates their business better.

If your competition is good, and the only thing that distinguishes you from them is your blog section, you just missed out on a client.

It gets worse though. Your competitor has taken advantage of the opportunity to present themselves to your potential clients as an authority on your industry.  You could be the absolute guru of your profession, but if someone else looks like they hold that title, you’re selling yourself short.

Business can be a battle.

And as with any battle, he who is armoured best has the better chance of winning.

If you were going into battle, and you had an effective weapon at your disposal, would you take it with you?

Blogs are business weapons.

Arm yourself. Strike first.

Is your competition going to stop using their effective weapon to keep the fight fair? Unlikely.

I can show you how to utilise your blogs as business weapons. Or, I can do it for you. Get in touch with me here, and we can look at your options.

Whatever you do, never go into battle unarmed.

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