It might seem like a silly question. I mean, who doesn’t want more website traffic? Right?

Well, not everyone does. For some people, their site is just to communicate with the same group of people over and over again. So what the content is supplying to those people is more important than it getting more clicks.

But being as you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you are looking for more traffic. So let’s have a look specifically at how to use great blogs to achieve your goal.

So how do I use blog content to attract website traffic?

Well, there’s quote a few pieces of the puzzle. But, you don’t need to know them all.

If you concentrate on just the most important few things, you’re on the way to driving website traffic to your site.

Headlines are important.

Now there are those who would say it’s THE most important part, as no-one is going to read your blog if the headline didn’t appeal to them.

But there’s others who’d say  that the best headline in the world doesn’t mean anything if the reader leaves only two sentences in.

Regardless, no-one disputes the fact that a GREAT headline will get people reading your content, and that’s half the job done.

Quality content is key.

So you’re awesome headline has got them to your blog. What now?

Well, if you’re looking to drive sales, we can have that conversation another day. But if it’s just traffic you’re after, you’ve got to give them quality content.

If what they read makes them feel like they’ve  gained some value, or been amused, or even just felt like it was worth their time, that’s how you build your reputation and that’s what will make them want to check out the rest of your website. Your credibility in their eyes means they are now open to seeing what it is you offer.

Is that really it? Just two factors?

Um, no. There is more, but if you’re just starting out, or you’re pumping out less than two blogs per week, that’s all you need…for now.

So nail your headlines, and ensure your content is high-quality, and you’ve covered off the most important parts.

For any advice on writing blogs, or to talk to me about writing quality headlines and blogs for you, contact me here and I’ll get you started. Increasing website traffic can be made easy and quick.

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